Plan Sponsors


When you work with Homan Wealth Advisors, you will always have one, single point of contact. One person who can direct all your questions – and who will coordinate support for your employees.

Behind your point of contact lies an entire team of skilled people, all of whom share both a fiduciary obligation and a commitment to do what’s right for you and your employees. Your team will cover all aspects of your plan, including:

  • Investment Selection and Monitoring
  • If you are the plan sponsor, you are considered a fiduciary of that plan – which means when it comes to selecting and monitoring investments, you’re legally held to the same standards as a trained advisor. We relieve you of this responsibility by partnering with a large independent firm to serve as a 3(38) Investment Manager. We monitor this firm to assume they meet their responsibilities.

  • Prudent Fiduciary Process
  • The 3(38) Investment Manager assumes responsibility and liability for selecting and monitoring the funds within your plan. Our goal is to guide you through a prudent fiduciary process each and every year, ensuring that all required deadlines are met, disclosures are delivered and due diligence files are kept.

  • Participant Support
  • We have found enrollment seminars once a year often isn’t enough. Most people don’t study investments or personal finance, so they don’t have the knowledge to evaluate investment options on their own. That’s why we work with your employees on an ongoing basis, proactively measuring the best ways to help them. Our focus is on providing exactly the guidance people need to make smarter financial decisions.

  • Plan Design and Compliance
  • IRS rules are always changing. Your needs are always evolving. It’s our job to know your goals and ensure your plan is positioned to help you achieve them. We work with your plan’s administrator to ensure all filing, testing and disclosure deadlines are met — so you can focus on your business, not compliance.

  • Recordkeeping and Trust Services
  • Sometime it almost seems invisible — but recordkeepers and custodians fulfill critical roles in your plan, from processing payroll and handling investment elections to trading and distributions. It’s a role that can be marked by conflicts of interest and hidden fees. We only partner with independent, fully vetted industry leaders who meet the high bar we set for our partners.