Investment Strategy


Value Evidence Over Emotion

We’ve found there are far better ways to enhance your investment returns than searching for a needle in the haystack. We call it owning the haystack.

So much of the financial industry is based on convincing investors to find that ever-elusive investment that delivers stratospheric returns with seemingly little risk. And what happens when that hot tip doesn’t pan out? At that point, stock brokers and the media have moved on to touting the next “can’t miss” investment.

We think letting decades of unbiased, peer-reviewed financial research guide our recommendations is a much better way to invest.

Our investment strategy is influenced by the Nobel Prize-winning research around the central idea that markets are naturally efficient. This means that by the time an investor hears a piece of news about a certain investment, it’s highly likely that such news has already been factored into the price, and therefore, any advantage of knowing that information has effectively been eliminated.

This strategy helps to keep your costs low, offers broad diversification and brings greater transparency and simplicity to your financial life.

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