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Achieving your financial goals depends on so much more than just investing. Sometimes, the biggest challenges have nothing to do with the markets. How might taxes impact my savings? Do I have the right insurance should something unthinkable happen? Does my estate plan reflect my desire to support my grandchildren’s education?

Providing thoughtful answers to these kinds of questions is the essence of what we call true wealth management. When you work with Homan Wealth Advisors, you are able to benefit from our comprehensive approach that goes well beyond investment advice to incorporate all facets of your financial life, from tax planning to estate planning, risk management to retirement, to charitable giving and beyond.

Starting on Day 1, our clients benefit by working with a team that not only orchestrates the efforts of each client’s existing team of professionals, such as CPAs and attorneys, but also brings to the table a deep bench of talent with specialists in every aspect of investing and wealth management.

As we design and maintain your customized plan, these aspects are carefully examined to ensure that no decision is made in isolation and each area contributes to your sense of well-being and security. When we understand and align these critical components of financial health, our clients enjoy a greater sense of confidence in their ability to achieve their highest aspirations.

Our ability to deliver this caliber of talent is amplified through our relationship with Buckingham Strategic Partners. This community of more than 140 independent, like-minded wealth advisory firms gives our clients direct access to widely published national thought leaders and advisors working with tens of thousands of clients across the country. Tapping into this wide-ranging experience means that we are able to find the right answers to our clients’ questions, no matter how complex they may seem.

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