Wall Street’s Lame Excuses for Active Fund Performance

The securities industry is working itself into a frenzy trying to explain why you should ignore historical data that indicates most actively managed funds underperform their benchmarks. Some of the reasons they provide do not withstand scrutiny. Here’s a small sample of their lame excuses:

1. Last year was an aberration. According to Dan Culloton, Morningstar’s associate director of manager research, as interviewed by Kathleen Pender in a December 2014 SFGate article, most domestic funds own more small and mid-cap equities than the Standard & Poor’s 500 index. Large-cap stocks outperformed small-cap stocks in 2014. Because the S&P 500 index contains mainly large-cap U.S. stocks, actively managed funds couldn’t “keep up.”

Really? According to the mid-year 2014 SPIVA U.S. Scorecard, most domestic stock funds underperformed their benchmarks over the past five years. There was nothing aberrational about 2014.

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