Heed Buffett & Ignore Forecasts

Earlier this week, we discussed the first six of a total 12 lessons that the markets taught us in 2014 about prudent investment strategies. To recap:

  • Lesson 1: Active management is a loser’s game
  • Lesson 2: The economy and the stock market are very different things
  • Lesson 3: Diversification is always working; sometimes you like the results and sometimes you don’t
  • Lesson 4: Sell in May and go away is the financial equivalent of astrology
  • Lesson 5: Even with a clear crystal ball …
  • Lesson 6: Inflation wasn’t, and isn’t, inevitable

Many of these lessons make repeat appearances over the years. Unfortunately, a lot of investors fail to learn from them. So here are lessons seven through nine in hopes that maybe 2015 will be different.

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