How to Profit From the Coming Correction

In November 2013, I wrote an article in The Huffington Post, addressing the phony “debate” among pundits over a possible market correction. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed that day at 15,967. On July 7, 2014, it closed at 17,024.

In that article, I railed against the “gurus” then making predictions about when the inevitable market correction would occur. I noted there were good arguments on all sides of this issue, but the reality is only the most dire predictions usually garnered the headlines.

I don’t question the right of anyone to express their views on the future of the markets. But I do find it irresponsible when market pundits are featured in the financial news giving opinions about random events. They don’t have any accountability when they are wrong. Investors who hold the mistaken belief that these pundits can predict the future are collateral damage.

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