This Mantra Will Change How You Invest

Few can forget the iconic phrase in the movie “Jerry Maguire,” when Tom Cruise says, “Show me the money!” Here’s a similar mantra that will change the way you invest: “Show me the evidence!”

A cursory review of what passes for “financial advice” demonstrates the importance of following this mantra. Here’s a sampling:

Pimco’s advice. Virginie Maisonneuve, deputy chief investment officer and global head of equities at Pimco, recently provided her views on the long-term outlook for the stock markets. Among the “key takeaways” was her advice that in order to get “alpha,” investors should focus on growth areas that will benefit from solid fundamentals. These “growth areas” include regions, sectors and companies. Ms. Maisonneuve also advised investors to “focus on super-secular trends that will be drivers of growth or change over the long-term horizon.” Candidly, I am not certain what that means, but I believe Maisonneuve is advising investors to engage in trying to pick sectors and stocks that will outperform the market.

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