Find the Needles in the Financial Pornography Haystack

It’s unfortunate that most of what passes for financial news is misleading and harmful to investors. It consists of supremely confident “financial gurus” predicting the future. They are either warning us of an imminent crash or observing that a bull run is just beginning.

We are inundated with conflicting recommendations about the value of commodities, which stocks or sectors are likely to outperform or underperform, and which mutual fund managers are “hot.”

When the financial media aren’t engaged in the dubious task of predicting the future, they are trying to rationalize the past, using bland homilies that attempt to convey order to random events. How many times have you read observations about investors being “nervous” about “missing gains”? Do you ever wonder who these investors are, or how the author has been able to accurately characterize their collective mood?

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