The High Cost of Bad Advice

In this article, we address why we believe the decision of hiring an advisor should not be based solely on fees. The quantity and quality of the services provided varies greatly from advisor to advisor. When you interview potential advisors, you should look for the advisor who gives the best advice and is the best fit for you. The best advisors begin earning their fee from the day they are hired by helping you determine your most appropriate asset allocation, according to your unique ability, willingness and need to take risk. This is what we do with every single investor who becomes a client. In determining your need to take risk, we will typically run retirement projections. This can be a particularly eye-opening experience if your portfolio is much more aggressive than needed. However, many people believe all advisors using Dimensional Fund Advisor (DFA) funds (including those with very low fee schedules) will provide advice and service of equal quality. Investment advice is not a commodity. There is no free lunch. Hiring an investment advisor is an important decision, and all factors should be considered. We believe that high quality and high levels of service are typically accompanied by a fair price.

Examples of Bad Advice or Service