Deconstructing Invesco’s Performance

The February 9 edition of Barron’s contained its annual listing of “best fund families” for the past one, five and 10 calendar years. Of all the fund families on the list, Invesco was the only one that managed to make the top four in each of the periods. In fact, it was the only fund family ranked in the top 10 of all three categories.

Vanguard came closest to matching that last impressive distinction. It ranked first in the one-year period, 11th in the five-year period and 10th in the 10-year period. In contrast, Invesco ranked third in the one-year and three-year periods, and fourth in the 10-year period. The firm’s remarkable results make it a prime candidate for my series examining the performance of actively managed fund families in comparison to a well-managed passive alternative.

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