Fearing a bubble? Five worst investing mistakes

Every market pundit has an opinion on whether the market is now at or near a bubble. And after the recent bout of volatility, triggered by a resurgent and scary narrative about a “slowing global economy,” investors who have been in on the six-year bull market run would be right to question the profits they are sitting on.

But can you really trust anyone when it comes to the bubble question, whether it’s a talking head on TV or your “brother-in-law’s best friend,” the million-dollar broker with “better” information? Just remember, market pundits and even professional investors are driven to some extent by their emotional makeup, just like the average Joe is. Ask an eternal optimist from the Wharton School, and the Dow probably still has room to move up. Ask a Mr. Doomsday from New York, and one should always be ready to head into the gold bunker.

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